Italian Ice Cream – Gelato Class organized by BONJOUR VIETNAM

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Italian Ice Cream – Gelato Class organized by BONJOUR VIETNAM

You will be able to use the European Ice Cream Machine to make the most delicious ice cream flavors! You will learn the techniques for formulating ice cream, mixing ice cream and operating the machine correctly, to learn how to make any ice cream flavor you want, without any limitations!
You will receive professional advice and guidance on “Italian Ice Cream Business”, with full European standard equipment: gelato machines, blast freezer, gelato display cabinets, ice cream carts,…

– Standard definition of Gelato. The difference between Gelato/Ice Cream/Sorbetto
– Roles and ingredients of each ingredient in Gelato
– Overrun in Gelato
– Gelato ice cream production process
– How to preserve Gelato
– Some common Gelato problems and how to fix them


Free class to support customers using VALMAR gelato / ice cream machine:


☎️ Hotline for joining the gelato class: 0886.999.399

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